Hardwood Charcoal

RIVADESCA a subsidiary of STOVEX TECHNOLOGIES have shipped over 1,000x40ft (over 23,000MT) of Hardwood Charcoal from Nigeria to Poland, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and the Middle East within 2012 till date and we are proud to say we are amongst the first 10 major exporters of Hardwood Charcoal from Nigeria.

In RIVADESCA we see challenges as a reason to keep improving and be better in what we set out to do, we are always keen on establishing business relationships and will to meet the required standard of our customers with a high level of sincerity, transparency and efficient delivery.

We attend regularly Barbeque Exhibition fairs in Cologne Germany and endeavor to visit our clients factories all over Europe and middle east as we are here for long term and always available to discuss extensively so as to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

We have available a 40x40ft container storage facility in the northern part of Nigeria for Charcoal and you are always welcome to visit us anytime to verify our operations.


500x40ft (11,000MT) of DRY CHARCOAL Bagged or Bulk with moisture <8%.

200x40ft (4,400MT) of WET CHARCOAL Bagged or Bulk with moisture of <25%.

50x40ft (1,000MT) of CHARCOAL FINES/DUST Bagged with moisture of <25%.

We work with specification requested by our various customers.

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